Saturday, December 20, 2008

I KNOW!!!!

I KNOW that not all Americans are religious freaks so no need for anyone to tell me that. However, those that are not, seem to be allowing those who are to hold sway. Teaching Creationism in schools? Book Banning? Not voting for people who are not Xtian? A fundy President? See what I am getting at? Your constitution has been flouted. Church and State are supposed to be separate and it it clearly is not.

Good news regarding the anti gay marriage law in California. It looks as though it may well be overturned now that the State Attorney, who voted FOR it, has decided it is unconstitutional.

Up early here to go to Peterborough as this is the only chance we have before Xmas and the days after Xmas are going to have to be spent Shameless watching as she is due to whelp then.

We will also spend this break over Xmas sorting out my machines etc ready to sell. There is much to be sorted. Have to find all the bits and pieces to go with each machine and the instruction manuals etc.

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