Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why? (again)

Kate says the Xtian God is a God of unconditional love.

Not so, according to the Bible. If one is a Xtian, then one believes the Bible yes? The Bible makes it very clear that God is not into unconditional love. I have heard just about every excuse there is, every rationalisation, every interpretation, from people who want their God to be a God of Unconditional Love (sensible)and yet still want to be Xtian.

Now, don't misunderstand me, I do believe God would be a God of Unconditional Love. He just isn't a Xtian. If he was, then he isn't and I want no part of a God like that. Far too human. What is the point of a God like a human with our worst flaws? Loving conditionally being one of them. (loving conditionally is an oxymoron if ever there was one.)

Whilst on this subject of love. Most religions say 'love one another' and most people balk at this. HOW CAN WE? Easy. Most people confuse love and like. We don't have to like everyone. That would be impossible. Perhaps even for God. But to love everyone is easy. Most of the time. It just means treating all with positive regard, with respect, no matter what. This is where the caveat of 'most of the time' comes in. It gets harder to do when they don't treat us likewise or when they hurt us,sometimes deeply wounding us. Yet what is the point of having a belief if one doesn't live by it? What a fraud one would be if one said 'I love everyone except for those who*******'

Another thought:. 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'. Funny how so many Xtians support and go to war and are in favour of the death penalty. Turn the other cheek anyone?

Oh, and women need to be obedient to men, keep quiet in church,and cover their heads also. Sarah Palin: ring a bell?

Are you a Xtian with a mortgage and or a credit card? Oops! Usury anyone?

Oh what a tangle we get into when we try to take the easy way and live by the conscience of another. When we refuse to think. When we deny the gifts we were given.

Oh and in Corinthians Chapter 13 (can't recall if its the first letter or the second or which verse) but it clearly speaks of the gifts of the spirit-healing, discernment, prophecy.

Funnily enough, one of the churches I went to, which thought that homosexuals and mediums were destined for Hell, used to give each other messages from spirit during their prayer sessions! I was not the person then that I am now and I was still in the grip of the nonsense I had been taught. The leader of this church and his wife were nice to me. So I thought. They were the first people I ever told about the abuse I suffered as a child, especially about the teacher who was a child pornographer, becasue that was a HUGE deal as I believed that was my fault. They received it well, I thought. They invited me to a special prayer evening they were holding in my honour. I went. They prayed for me. They prayed for me to be forgiven. I walked out, never to return. It was years before I got the help I needed because it was years before I had the courage to try again. I don't believe those people meant well. The way they thought was evil. They were more interested in keeping their own belief system together than they were in loving me.

Isn't it odd what comes out when one sits down to write?
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