Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Pope - Camping It Up

The Pope, foolish bigot that he is, has pronounced homosexuals a danger to mankind. He made this pronouncement whilst wearing a hideously camp outfit that would do any queen proud and whilst addressing a group of men in dresses.

If it were not such a serious matter, the whole debacle would just be laughable.

It isn't.

This regime has caused great harm to humanity for centuries. It held humanity back. If it were not for the RC Church, mankind would have devleoped much faster than it has. The RC Church prevented mass education as along as it could, killed in the most barbaric ways those who dared to disagree with it.

In modern times it has protected paedophile priests at the expense of the children they abused.

The Emperor has no clothes. He has no authority at all. If one has any knowledge of the Bible, it is clear that the Pope and whis organization are exactly the type of people Jesus preached AGAINST. The Vatican and it's evil have no biblical justification whatever. The opposite in fact. (Don't misunderstand me-I don't believe the Bible to be authoritative either but they do even though it make sit clear that they are wrong.)

The RC Church has caused untold misery throughout it's existence and it still does. It's teaching against contraception is wicked and unjustifiable.

The RC's are clever-they indoctrinate children very young because they know that 'give me a child till he is 7 and I will give you the man' is true.

This type of child abuse is pernicious and very difficult to undo. It can be undone but not without much suffering.

Humanity needs saving from him and his ilk, not from me and mine!
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