Monday, December 22, 2008

I Could Have Cried!

I very nearly did, but instead I just ran around the kitchen swearing till the pain eased off in my hand whilst my hips and legs screamed abuse at me.


I slammed the patio doors onto my left hand! Now I have two swollen and black fingers which if you squeeze them spurt blood which is quite fun now that the Tramadol have kicked in.

I was more concerned that I be able to knit. I can. I just wrapped the fingers so that they wouldn't bleed onto the yarn or fabric and I can knit. Not that I have. I went back to bed and slept for about 3 hours. For some reason I just felt unwell and knackered.

Today is the last day of the anti inflammatories. Just as well as I just found out that water retention is a side affect. I wondered why I felt so yuk and wasn't peeing anywhere near as much and why I have put on 7lbs without eating more.

We watched the Blu Ray dvd of The X Files - I Want To Believe last night. It was a real sod to get the bloody thing open in order to get the dvd out. Today I realised that the security thingy was still on it. I bought this on my own and I had gone thru the automatic checkout. No one there to take the security thingy off nor was there a warning I needed to. It wasn't an obvious tag. I do know now why when I left the store an alarm went off but I ignored it and so did the staff. The film was good. I enjoy the X-File sand have the whole lot on DVD. Gillian Anderson has grown into a beautiful woman. You should here her on TV here-she speaks posh English as she grew up here and her accent comes back. She was excellent in Bleak House.

I am more than half way thru the 3rd series of Grey's Academy. It took a while for this to grow on me but it did. It's rather funny and moving. We are also almost done with series 4 of Boston Legal which is just EXCELLENT. Very odd. well acted, good stories and funny and moving and surreal. When these are done, it'll be the 2nd series of Ugly Betty.
I watch all these whilst knitting.
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