Friday, December 12, 2008


You didn't hurt me and I have no idea why you'd think you had. What I wrote was clearly not about you.
I also can't carry on anything in private with you because I have no clue who you are no way to contact you.
It might be better that you accept that I think differently from you and I do so because my conscience demands that I do. You'd be better off not thinking that if you were only nice enough I would see the error of my ways.
As for believing you/disbelieving you, you have given me nothing to think about, just a statement that I have heard before, and as before, you offer no details or evidence so why would I believe you? It isn't personal. I just don't believe any old thing I hear, no matter how sincere a person may be. I know a very sincere loving person who is a homeopath. I still think homeopathy is crap.
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