Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Oh B*llocks Two

I am having fun. Not only am I very stiff again but now I also have conjunctivitis in my left eye which is half shut and looks like a devil eye! I can't go swimming.

I went to the new pool on Monday and Tuesday and it went well, though I do dislike the hoist I have to use to get out of the pool. The guards lower a chair on a hoist into the pool which I then sit on and they winch me out. It is not pleasant a sit feels unsteady and is also very visible. The stairs at this pool are vertical and set into the walls and there is no way i can use them to get out.

Still, I swam 32 laps on Monday and though it hurt, I was much less stiff in my upper body when I got out. Mind you Monday I was unable to knit so I watched dvd's instead. I was so much better Tuesday and I swam 80 laps. Then I got this eye thing and so no swimming. I will got Friday morning though as I have a dog show Saturday and I need to be less stiff for that plus I need to be tired in order to be asleep by 8pm.

I am almost done with John's cable socks and half way thru my Kaffe Fasset socks. I am also knitting myself a garter stitch design sweater on my Brother 940. I am using a pattern that is already in the machine. I have chosen set in sleeves. It is pure wool ( 2/ 8's , 400m to 100gm) in orange.

Shameless is beginning to show now and she is back to eating well. She is due to whelp a few days after Xmas.

It is cold here, only 2c and dropping to -3 once the sun has gone. Everywhere is still iced up and the pavements (sidewalks) are slippery with ice.

I am due to give a talk and demonstration in St Neots tonight. However, thick fog is forecast and if that is the case, I shan't be going. Driving in fog is not pleasant nor is it safe. Especially so because there are too many w*nkers who do not slow down. I am astonished at the speed they drive when visibility is almost nil.

As today has developed I am feeling better. I was feeling somewhat sorry for myself last night and not too clever this morning. After doing my online wanking and emails , I sat to do my TM(transcendental meditation) and feel more alive and happier now. As I have said before, I can cope well with the joint and muscle pain I have 24/7 but give me a mouth ulcer or a sore eye, and I feel really miserable!

EDIT: Of course I meant 'online BANKING'.
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