Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Panic - almost

Early Saturday morning my external hard drive failed. Where I kept 122 gb's worth of photographs and music. Not replaceable-the photographs anyway.

I kept myself under control and switched it off and on and off and on and off and on......praying it would come back to life. It did! I then went and bought another one, much cheaper and more space too, and transferred everything over to the new one.

I also have backed up all 122 gb's onto DVD.

Now I have discovered that these external hard drives have limited life and really ought to be used for back up only and so turned on maybe one a week.

Okay, so now I will buy another internal hard drive to store my stuff on, using the external as back up.

When I bought this pc it had 80gb's and I thought then 'what would I need that much for? Now 200bg's is nowhere near enough......
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