Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's Down To You

The following is based upon the premise that there is a God (which is neither proven or disproved):

If we were created by God then me must be a part of God. Just the same way we are part of our physical parents. If you breed two dogs together, you get more dogs, you do not get cats.

Likewise, if God is eternal and spirit then so are we. If we are part of God we can never be apart from God. We can only think ourselves apart and are only so as long as we think it.

We cannot be destroyed. God cannot destroy parts of Herself. That would be ludicrous.

If God is the ocean, then we are raindrops - rising from the ocean and returning from whence we came.

No 'holy' book has any authority other than that which the READER gives it. It has no meaning other than that which the READER gives it.

If someone else truly paid for your sins, your suffering would cease immediately. Yet no one on earth escapes consequences. Cause and effect continue regardless of belief. Those who believe that someone else paid for their sins, still suffer pain and grief and consequences of their errors. Pause for thought?

It is a well known fact children believe what they are told by their guardians. It is inbuilt to do so. It is not only well known but well exploited by adults. It is why faith schools exist. Why children, who are too young to think for themselves, are indoctrinated into the belief system of their guardians. The guardians know the truth of the saying: give me a child till he is 7 and I shall give you the man'.

It takes enormous courage to face this abuse and undo it's damage. To do so is to invite great suffering until the poison is expunged.

Abuse it is. Of the worst kind. Corrupting the minds and spirit of children. Evil.

Such indoctrination is why people can believe that Heaven is full of virgins for the plucking if they kill for their God. Is why people believe that if they do not believe they will burn for eternity. It is why people will beat their children. It is why people will mutilate their babies(circumcision-male and female). It is why people believe that wearing certain clothing, or not, eating certain things, or not, reciting certain words, or not, will save them! It is why people believe that those who do not believe as they do are damned.

People believe such illogical, and evil, nonsense because they have been programmed to do so. It is the hardest thing to deprogramme oneself.

Of course, sometimes adults come to these beliefs as adults. Out of fear, self centredness, and being ripe for such indoctrination by the experiences of their childhoods which have left them feeling bad and worthless.

Why self centred? Those who believe that they are following the one and true God and damn those who do not are gaining their peace of mind at the expense of others! It is such people who make the lives of others miserable or even end. So they can feel safe.

Example: hating groups of people because their God says so.In order to be in their God's good books, they must cause others to suffer.

History is littered with the bodies and anguish of those persecuted by the followers of a loving(!!!!) God.

The subjugation of women, children, different races, homosexuals, all done supposedly in the name of a loving God but in actuality done in the name of human fear and self centredness.

There are none so dangerous as those who believe in their own righteousness. To have no doubt is to have faith only in ones own self. Those who say they have 100% faith in their belief system, be it atheism or religion, are truly saying they have complete faith in themselves.

And that is from whence evil comes.

If only we gave serious thought to what is a very frightening prospect for us; that we are loved unconditionally.

Why frightening? Well, we might just about be able to accept that we are loved unconditionally but we cannot contemplate that those we fear or hate or who hurt us are too.....

So we made God in our image.

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