Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not Enough Space

I bought a 30gb Ipod and my cd collection does not fit on it. So I have replaced it with a 160gb one.
Buying an Ipod was a good thing for me to do because I now am back to listening to music everyday.I had stopped doing this because it was too painful to keep getting up and down to change the cd in the cd player!

We have just realised too that once all of my music is on the Ipod - a massive job- we can store the cd's elsewhere and this gives more space for the books and dvd's that are piled on the floor.....

Now for something completely different: when John is here I always have to wake him up in the morning, though I leave him to sleep till about 11am unless I need him to be up earlier. I even call him everyday by phone to make sure he is up for work even though he has an alarm clock. And, yes, usually my phone call wakes him up!

Now back to technology. I love tech stuff. My whole life is changed for the better because of the PC. Design software for my knitting machines, the Ipod, cd burning, and best of all the new friends I have met and the travelling I have done as result and also my new lines in the dogs. All because of htis wonderful thing called the Net.

I am about to have a 500gb hard drive added to my pc. And I thought 80gb was far far more than I would ever need when I bought this PC! i have a 500gb external hard drive but that ought to be just for back up and it would be better to have an internal one. Amazingly, these things are cheap now.
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