Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Toe Up Sock Pattern

Yarn: any 4ply / fingering sock yarn. I used Trekking handpainted Tundra.

Needle: 2mm circular needle. I used Hiya Hiya 80cm length.

Tension (gauge) 38sts and 52 rows to 10cm (9.5 spi and 13 rpi)

The size if for my foot which is 25.4 cms (10") long and 23.5 cm (9.25") round the base of toes.

Cast on 25 sts on each needle point, 50 in total, using Judy's Magic Cast On.

Knit one round.
K1 M1 knit to 1 before last st, M1, K1.

Knit 2 rounds.

K2, M1, knit to last two sts, M1, k2

Knit 2 rounds

K3, M1, knit to last 3 sts, M1 K3

Continue thus until you have 39 sts on each needle. (at the beginning an end of each inc round you k 1 more stitch than previous inc round-so on next inc round you k4 before the M1 etc)

After final increase round, knit 2 rounds.

At this point you have knitted 22rounds

Beginning of next round, P3 , K3 to end, ending with P3. Only on first needle(instep sts). Knit only on second needle. So you will ribbing, p3 k3, on only 39sts, the instep sts.

Knit until you have knitted 85 rounds.

On round 86, you knit the ribbing sts and on the sts st section you K3, M1, knit to last 3, M1, K3.

Knit two rounds.

On round 89 knit as round 86.

Continue until you have knit 116 rounds.

On round 117 , knit only the ribbing sts.

On the sts ts (sole) side, knit until 20sts are elft. SSK, K1 and turn. Slip 1 pw, purl until you 20sts left, p2 tog, P1, turn.

Sl 1pw, knit to 1 st before gap, SSK, k1, turn, Sl1 pw, purl to 1st before gap, P2 tog, p1 turn.

Continue thus until you get to the point when you are KNITTING to the end of the row, and you can only SSK. Do that SSK.

Now you are ready to continue to knit on the ribbing side, i.e round 88.

BEFORE you purl those first 3 sts, using the needle tip that holds the ribbing sts, pick up the yarn from between the last two sts on the other needle(sole sts) two rows down. Now purl that pick up with the first stitch of the ribbing sts. Knit in pattern until you reach the sole sts again.

BEFORE you knit the sole sts, use the tip of the needle to pick the yarn strand just a syou did previously. Now knit that pick up with the first two sts on the sole needles, TBL.

Continue to knit the sock int he round, ribbing still only on one needle and the sole sts are plain st.

Do this for 10 rounds.

Continue to knit only when you get to the sole sts, you K3, p3, K3 to end, ending with K3.

Knit for as long as you wish. Use the Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn cast (bind ) off, or cast ( bind) off of your choice.

To make a shorter length foot or narrower foot or tow, remember the gauge and it will be easy.

It is important that you shape the heel 2.5cm (1") from end of foot. So if you alter the length of foot to only 17.7 cm (7" ) you shape your heel at 15.2cms (6 ins).

Also, if you start off with less sts cast on (and you MUST start off with the samee odd number on each needle- ie 19 on each, or 21, or 17 of whatever).


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