Saturday, April 12, 2008

Giving A Leg Up

The Cockerpoo from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People arrived today. What a delightful creature she was too. Her mum was a Miniature Poodle and her dad was a Cocker (English). Her coat was like that of a an Irish water Spaniel. Black though. Very pretty and friendly.

Micah was very eager and so was she. Trouble being that Hetti (her name) was much bigger than Micah. In fact she was bigger than either a Cocker or a Min Poodle. So we did the mating outside in the garden. Micah stood on the concrete patio and Hetti stood on the gravel, thus being a few inches lower down. Micah didn't do it properly the first time, they didn't tie, so I told him to pull himself together and do it again properly. He did and they tied. The handler of of Hetti was astonished that Micah did as he was asked. She said that none of the charity's studs would have done it.

I think these puppies will be absolutely gorgeous and their tempers well suited for their job. I think this is such a great life for the dogs and a great service for their owners too.

Our friend Gail brought over a belated birthday cake for John.

I picked up John from Peterborough station after his trip back from Brussels. The train he went on to Brussels travels at 185 mph.

I may take Shameless for another shag tomorrow as she still seems to want to.

I have got through maybe a third of my cd collection now, onto my Ipod. I am still amazed by it. The box of already done cd's is huge and it is astonishing to me that this tiny thing holds so much music. Mind you, I am still impressed by vynl! A round plastic disc, put a needle on it, and out comes the sound. Amazing.
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