Wednesday, April 09, 2008

No Sex Please

This is the 15th-16th day of season for Shameless and she is still not willing. She attacks Micah if he goes near her. I hope this is just because she is taking longer to come to the boil than usual, although it might be normal for her as she is still a maiden and this is only her second season.

This going slow lark is really helping me. Not just to save fuel costs-and it has done that by quite a lot. It cost me £42 to fill up from 1/4 full whereas it would normally have cost £49. Apart from that, my slowing down, easing up on the self imposed pressure, the not hurrying to do things, in other words giving myself a break, has really helped me feel better-more relaxed. This morning I did go for my swim but I swam only half a mile instead of my usual mile. I feel better for it. I
cut back because I have other things I need to do today-like bath dogs which is one of my jobs I cannot put off.

It was John's 61st birthday yesterday. Written down it seems so unlikely that he is 61! The pictures below were taken at Xmas.
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