Friday, April 11, 2008

A Bit Of The Other

I've been busy.

Took Shameless for a successful rendezvous with Yankee. I am taking her again this morning.

I forgot to go for my blood test today. Ruth, the phlebotomist, called and rescheduled.

The new 160gb Ipod is excellent. Like the menu design and feel of it. Not quite reached half way thru my cd collection yet. The Ipod is not without it's foibles. Or maybe I mean Itunes. It sometimes insists on putting tracks from one album together with tracks from another. I have figured out how to sort it out afterwards but not how to stop it in the first place. Oh and I have a gadget, a tape with a lead on it, that allows me to play my Ipod in the car. Super.

Micah is having a special girl visit tomorrow. The Hearing Dogs for deaf People are bringing him a Cockerpoo girl to mate. Did I tell you that me and my dogs are now working with this charity to breed dogs for them? They really like my dogs tempers and 5 of my dogs have been successful as Hearing Dogs so far. Oh, no, I think h 3 have passed and one is for breeding and the other is undecided yet-maybe as a hearing dog or as a breeding girl.

I think this is an excellent charity and it is a great life for my dogs. I am very flattered that approached my about using my lines for developing their own breeding program.

John is off to Brussels for work. Next Sunday, we leave for Brussels for our 4 day break!

I did not swim yesterday as I was too tired. I swam only half a mile on Wednesday and today I swam only 3/4 mile. I think maybe I need to stick to the 3/4 mile so that I have more energy for other things.

I have almost completed another pair of socks and I shall post them up when I have.
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