Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clever Girl

I have been somewhat concerned about Shameless and this season. She has not been behaving as I am used to bitches behaving and she has been very obvious in showing her displeasure when Micah has gone anywhere near her. She growled and then bit if he took no notice. Oh dear, I thought, this isn't good.

Today she pushed her bum into my hand when I checked her out so I thought well, okay I shall take her to the male I had lined up even though I believed it was a waste of time or was going to be very difficult at the least.

No way! As soon as he was there and saw him, she knew what she wanted.

It seems, just like alpha she wolves in the wild, SHE chose her man.

Now there was no chance I'd let Micah mate her anyway-he is her father, but she was not taking any chances herself!

Hopefully, puppies will result in approx 63 days (9 weeks) although mine usually arrive at 58-60 days.
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