Monday, April 28, 2008

Excellent Day

I went with three of my dogs to WELKS dog show yesterday, a championship show held in the Malvern Hills. A beautiful setting when the weather is good.

Tantra's Lui was the first in the ring. He is not yet 7months old. I am not sure if he will make a show dog as I haven't yet decided if he is stubborn or really dislikes it. He didn't behave well really. Yet he was 3rd in his class of 10 which qualified him for Cruft's 09.

Tantra's Micah was in post Graduate and he was placed 2nd of 10 which also qualifies him for Cruft's 09.

Tantra's Shameless was 1st of 9 in Junior Bitch. She too qualifies. It is probably her last show this year as by the end of this week I ought to know if she is pregnant or not.

I almost did not enter this show. The judge was Mrs Richardson 0f the world famous Belazieth Kennel. She and her husband have bred 25 or so British champions. Not only do I like their type of Lhasa Apso but I greatly admire them because they have never followed fashion and ALL of their champions descend from their original dog. They know and understand this breed. I was therefore nervous about going under someone I held in such esteem for their knowledge of this breed. I am glad I did.

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