Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As It Seems?

If it is true that we survive physical death, then the world is not as we think we know it. Not all. It means that scientists have it wrong.

We have learned, through science, the the world is not as we see it anyway. We only know the world through the filter of our brains and our brains do not give us reality but it's version of it.

I am often stunned by the fact that there are radio waves all around us. That if I turn a radio on, I can hear music or talking or a play or whatever. If I twiddle the knob, I hear different noises. If I did not have the radio,I would not know these 'waves' existed.

My car journeys are often guided by the 'waves' my GPS picks up from the air which are beamed down from outer space.

I see a medium in the same way. We are like radios-we can pick up waves which we ohterwise would not know were there.

The very idea that we survive physical death is ridiculous, I know. It flies against all we are taught to think. How could it be possible? I have yet to come up with another sensible explanation for my own experiences and those of others.

It is unfortunate, I think, that this idea of surviving death is tied up with a belief in God. Many take it as proof that God exists. It is no such thing. It is evidence only we physical death is not the end of the personality. It does not offer any proof or suggestion that there is a God. Believing in life after death is not incompatible with atheism.

Scientists often say that to explain the inexplicable by coming up with another inexplicable explanation - ie. God is plain daft and just creates another question with no answer-who created God?
Yet, the only explanation they have come up with is : there was nothing and suddenly there was a Big Bang and here we are. How can nothing bang?

As I write this I am filled with such a deep longing, an endless awe. Arising in me when ever I ponder the enormity of our universe, of our existence. I cannot fathom it. Nor can you. No one can. We are not equipped to.

Look up at the stars one clear night and think about how far away those lights are. Think about how we are on one planet in one solar system that is in one galaxy that is just one of many billions of galaxies in the universe

Think about how there is no end. Infinity. Impossible to imagine. No end. Nothing beyond, there is no beyond because it doesn't end. If it does end, what is on the other side? There is no other side.

You see how it just boggles the mind?

Is it any wonder that we in our fear create Gods of whom we are afraid and whom we must obey or perish? I can certainly understand how contemplating the sky, the universe, can fill one with fear.

I have come to accept that the questions I have will go unanswered. At least whilst I am in this physical realm. Perhaps forever though I think that if I continue on after my body does, then I shall find out more. (I want to know why birds walk across the road when they can fly.)

Scientists say that those of us who do not accept their view, that there is nothing after physical death, are afraid of the truth, are afraid that this is all there is. Maybe so. yet they too are afraid. They are afraid that their view of the world is wrong. They are afraid that the meanings they have created are wrong. We all fear that. The meanings we create are what enables us to live. If our meaning creations are demolished it is incredibly frightening. It what 'nervous breakdowns' are about. Scientists seem to think they are different. that they are objective. They are not any different to the rest of us. Objectivity is not possible. everything is subjective. We are each completely unable to think outside our brains or other than through the meanings we have created.

Think about it though, if we truly do survive death, it alters everything we know. It means nothing is as it appears to be. It also really means we have nothing to fear even though many of us have been taught that all that awaits us after physical death is suffering.

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