Saturday, April 19, 2008

To Belgium

We are off to Belgium in the morning.

The dogs are all going to our friend, Lorraine, tonight. The house will seem strange with no dogs in it.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the weather is going to be wet. Tried looking elsewhere to see if we could change destination but it would seem the whole of Europe will be wet!

I seem to be having a flare right now. No swimming yesterday and still in a good deal of pain today. Thursday night was awful but last night I slept very well though had trouble getting up this morning. I managed to swing my legs over the edge and the rest sort of followed till I could grab the radiator and haul myself up.

I started another pair of socks -OnLine Beach Collection-wool / cotton mix. I am using only 66 stitches for these and a 2.25mm needle.

I wonder what sock yarn I will see in Belgium. Hopefully something different to the stuff I already have.

Ghent (Gent) and Bruges (Brugge) are really old mediaeval cities so there ought to be plenty to see. Museums and galleries and such and I believe there is an old castle on one of the cities or in both. At least much of what we can see will be under cover should the forecast of rain be right. We both have long grey rain macs which we bought in Trier Germany when we got caught by rain. Trouble is, in my wheelchair or on my sticks, I can't move than quickly to get out of the rain!

As we are only going to be away until Thursday, we won't have to take a lot of clothes, so there won't be much to haul. We intend to do grocery shopping for condiments and coffee. yes, the coffee there is better quality and much much cheaper than here. They do all different types of beans. I am mainly after decaffeinated ready ground as my bean to cup machine takes that too. Decaf for the evening. I want to find a dark roast one. It is hard to find dark roast in decaf. For reason they seem to think decaf should be weak in taste!

Also their condiments are very varied. Like light yoghurt salad dressings. For some reason no one has the wit to sell such stuff here and coffee beans here are about four times the price.

Shopping is very much part of the fun on these trips. For me anyway.
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