Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Initially I had loads of messages saying how those writing liked the videos. None have written to say they don’t. I have decided to ask anyway. Obviously I cannot please everyone.

The videos are unedited and what I say is spontaneous and unedited. The written me is less spontaneous and is edited.

I will see how many are bothered one way or the other. I am not promising anything. I might come up with a way to please most. It did not occur to me until today that not all can hear from their machines.


DJNL said...

I prefer the doesn't take as long for me to read what you say as to listen to what you I have been spending less time 'visiting'with you and I miss your insights and thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I love both actually but I really love the videos, I don't always watch them all the way but I do listen to them all the way because I will start it and then flip over on ravelry and check the destash pages, this way I can listen and read at the same time... You are very spontanious on the vidoes and I appreciate that alot... Lynn

Annick said...

Well Colin, I prefer the written, but it's just because English isn't my own language and I have more difficulties to understant what you say when I understand everything you write. But I think it's easier to speak and put videos, so go on, I will made an effort to understand what you say.
Good night !

isrbrown said...

I keep meaning to sit down and watch the videos. Or, at least listen to them. I never find the time. I really enjoy reading and when knitting just listening. It is hard to just listen to video because the producer uses audio cues to show things which are lost on the listener only.
I like reading and I make time for that. Usually in the quiet hours before bed. Or the sleepless hours in bed. I miss reading your words. But will put more effort into catching up on all that has been said. I didn't listen or see this vid even just saw that it was a question that I could answer. I think you should stick with what ultimately works for you. We have to adjust to what is available!

valerieB in Canada said...

I quite enjoy your videos, they are spontaneous and your humour really shines. Listening to your videos, there is no mistake about what you are meaning to say and the expressions on your face really make me feel that you are speaking to me.
I vote to keep up the videos but either way I will continue to listen/read your blogs.

anachronist said...

to me, it is like being excluded (technical incompatibilities make downloading the needed software impossible), if you only video blog, so I would be very thankful for the occasional written :-)

But please do whatever works best for you :-)

Georgina said...

I like the written - but only because I live in the middle of nowhere, so our broadband is steam driven and it takes a lifetime to download anything! But I think you should move as the spirit takes you!

jennifer said...

I have followed your blog for a while and I really like the videos. I watch while I am knitting.Love the accent and your humor.Had some really good laughs about the nuns.

janalee said...

Popping in to say that I miss your writing, but can understand that the video is a much easier medium for you to communicate with your readers/listeners.

I have kids home during the summer, so I haven't listened to your videos. I've been censoring you (well-intentioned, as my youngest is 8) and will pick up again once they're back in school.

I hope Paris was enjoyable for you both ;)