Monday, July 25, 2011


Today and the previous two days have been rather strange. It would appear that I zoned out on Saturday afternoon.  I have very little recollection of what I did.  John tells me that I was stumbling a lot and that I seem to be completely elsewhere mentally.  The last time we both remember me being that bad was in Aachen in Germany a few years ago.

The reason I asked him about Saturday afternoon is because I realise I only have very vague memories of it and yet I did not take a sleeping pill until the evening.  Even that will work very quickly and John says that within 15 min of taking it I was gone and he had trouble getting me to bed.

The following day at Leeds dog show I was fine.  I was somewhat sore of course and at the end of the showing I had to go back in with all the winners and I needed to call the ring stewards to come and help me get back up on my feet from kneeling down.  I came home and I was my usual exhausted self.  I ate kebabs and some yoghurt and then fell asleep in my chair.

I slept in my chair all night.  Amazingly I awoke this morning and got up with out any aches and pains! I have been for my swim and I have also walk the dogs!

This is an extremely rare occurrence the day after a dog show as I am normally completely done in. Not today for some reason.

My attitude is to enjoy it whilst I can hence I walked the dogs.  Despite how well I feel today I know that I’m not cured and I’m just having a good day.


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Iris said...

Do you have blood pressure problems? Even borderline ones? Jim, last November, was disoriented and told me he didn't recognize his surroundings -- the bedroom he sleeps in every night. He was having a hypertensive crisis. Now, he takes meds. I was just wondering. This is disturbingt.