Monday, July 11, 2011

THEM NOT YOU 1, 2 & 3

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TxDove said...

Colin... I love the black boots with flowers on them... actually I adore your collection of boots.
Once again you spoke to my heart. I have spent my life being (feeling) responsible for the happiness and feelings of others... it was ALWAYS my fault. I remember once my family was going somewhere and the right rear tire went flat... yes, my fault. My parents were not happy but had to stay together because of "the last one" (my real name was "The Last One") blah blah and blah....
I have come a long way, but still there are times that old voice will remind me that I am responsible for the happiness or lack there of... of others. There are times that I can tell you what everyone in a room is feeling... but cannot tell you what I feel. Other than the weight crushing the breath out of me.
Once I finally told them "no" they no longer wanted me around because I was no longer under their control. That was awesome! My mother's husband (my sperm donor) disowned me and that was the best feeling in my world and still is.
With him out of my life... I am only responsible for me and how I treat others. My greatest accomplishment... I love my children and grandchildren and they love me back!