Tuesday, July 05, 2011



CrazyCarla said...

Happy Anniversary Colin... you are so blessed to have each other... BTW... love the shirt!

Anonymous said...

My dear Colin, you are a child of God and I love to hear you express yourself. When I meet my partner it was similar to you, I sawhim on the store and said to my self, he's the one, and in October this year we'll be celebrating our 34th anniversary. And still goig strong. We had two Briards, but our male passed last March and I missed him so much, a after 13+ years, now we have our female, she is a champion, I tried to breed her but no luck, so I did not want to " force" her, as a breeders had said. I just wanted to wish you and John the best on your anniversary. You're in my prayers. Take care and continue with your beautiful patterns and yarn colors.

AR said...


Many Congratulations to you and John for your 30th on Thursday.

Warmest regards