Tuesday, July 05, 2011



Leslie - the knitting therapist said...

Yes, Colin, it zooms in very well (loved the baring of the teeth). I had my dear hubby look at the vid with me - as I'm plotting a sweater for him of similar weight, I have a lovely 4 ply soft wool - and he said that he thought your work was amazing and that he loved your sweater. Well trained, he is, after all these years. :D

May I ask the approximate finished size? Jim is a tall fellow and large, and something about the relative size when you held it up to the camera looked proper to me. How many stitches do you have on the needle (poor thing) - and I'll need at least a 2.5 mm to get gauge.

I must say that you also got my attention with your boot collection - are the all Docs? I have the same yellow/green ombre pair. I also have a stunning pair of 14-holes in the silver leather. I call them my Ziggy Stardust boots. Wonderful for a night out, they always attract quite a bit of attention. (I've got a craving for your yellow skull and crossbones on black...)

My best to you and yours,
Leslie (the knitting therapist)

Leslie - the knitting therapist said...

Ah, yes. If you'd like to answer any of the questions, you can reach me through bernol at sympatico dot ca

Regarding your other post discussing pain...
I have had rheumatoid arthritis for the 4 years and have found the constant, severe pain the hardest part of it to deal with (it's a gift that keeps on giving :P). your statement about feeling guilty when taking pain meds really struck a chord in me. I often feel the same. I know that much of that feeling may come from each of our upbringings (keep a stiff upper lip and deal with things blahblahblah) as well as knowing that these meds are often placed in categories of substances that are potentially addictive.

However, before I became ill, I practiced as a therapist for people dealing with substance use. I know that you mentioned not feeling that comfortable with the "mood altering" effects. Completely understandable. But, when you use these substances for pain management you don't experience the same effects as someone who is using these for their "fun" purposes. You don't get "high", the drugs just take away the pain.
It's a hard thing to come to grips with. I would listen to John, though - just as I listened to Jim when he told me about the differences in me on meds and off meds.
My best wishes.

Birdie said...

beautiful work on your aran sweater!