Sunday, July 24, 2011


No embellishments. This is what happened.

After Leeds last year I did not go to any Ch shows and thus my friend Angi with whom I go to shows, had to bare all the costs herself. So despite the fact I was not happy about entering this years Leeds, I did to be fair to Angi.

Last afternoon, she called me to say she could hardly walk and wouldn't be going. (She has similar probs to me.) I decided I would still go. Mainly because I was already geared up to go.

Now last evening I took my sleeping pills with yogurt and to my relief I did not taste the drug. It is foul and I cannot swallow it with water and not taste it. Anyway, I remember little else after that!

This is the weird bit: I did NOT set my alarm for 2am. At precisely 2am Luque barked loudly. I awoke with a jump and checked the time and as it was 2am, I picked up my phone to turn ff the alarm only to find I had not set it.

Anyway, as you now know Pussy made her debut at Leeds and she won Minor Puppy Bitch. I was very pleased. She went really well and seemed to take it in her stride tho I could tell she was a little uncertain juts by the set of her tail. I t was up and over as it should be, but slightly flopping down one side. This is her way of showing she is perturbed. She does not do it at home. Then I went in with Mary Grace and she was 2nd.

Gavin Roach was my camera man again for me and I will show the photos later.

Alison Blake really took my by surprise. I was truly touched by this act of kindness.

I had said I was taking Daniel back to car and loading him in and when I had done that, I'd be back t get my dogs and show trolley. Well, I finished loading up Daniel and was coming back into the showground when I saw Gill Watts-Catley and Allison Blake coming toward me. Allison was pushing my trolley all packed! I was gobsmacked. I tell you, that act of kindness saved me a lot of pain and fatigue. Totally unexpected.

I saw loads of other people and said hi and chatted. Again, a few I didn't have a clue who they were but they knew me so I chatted with them and didn't let on that I was thinking WTF are you?

I didn't really start to hurt badly until on the drive home. Am now home, well medicated and will have an early night. A thoroughly good day.


valerieB Canada said...

Nice to know there are still some kind people around, who see a need and make the effort. Well done!!

anachronist said...

Agree on valerieB's comment.

Your puppy still has room to grow into the show thing, it was her first time really doing the routine, so why should she not be a little uncertain?

It sure is nice to be positively surprised by people, sometimes, isnt it?