Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Magic Loop

I decided to knit the sleeves from the top down, using the Magic Loop method, i.e. one long circular needle. Simple to do. I also knit the body up to the armhole in the round. My tension does not alter whether I knit flat or round. However, in this instance it would not have mattered as the pattern would have been the same-1 row knit and 1 row knit 4 purl 4.
Yes I am back from my honeymoon. A whole month away. And I shagged for a whole week too, the last week. Now I have this wonderful new 'Britney' hair do. What you think?
I had a bath this morning. I then went and dug around in a garden pot. Great fun. And you wonder why I am named Shameless!


Anonymous said...

your hairdo is ok prefer it longer but hey who am i to question and as for shameless all i can say is GOOD ON YER
why should i be the only one whos dog does this.

Anonymous said...

Very nice sweater, it's coming along beautifully and thanks for the
crock pot recipes. I love crock pot cooking, I never burn anything
that way. For some reason, as I have gotten older, I seem to forget
that I am cooking, go back into my knitting room and burn dinner.
Anymore if I can't nuke it or crock it, it's coming delivery from the
diner. Terrible of me, but I guess it's back to that whole priority
thing :) Well, I suppose I could put my little Mattel Barbie knitter
on the kitchen table and knit tubes, that might keep me focused on
cooking LOL!!! I better be careful, I'm beginning to sound like a
lunatic! Oh, great shot of the moon too!