Monday, March 12, 2007

Alpaca and Lunar Eclipse

Not complete and will have drop sleeves. The yarn is Drops Alpaca,by Garnstudio, used double and knitted on 4mm needles. Feels wonderful and is heavy but not overly so. I did this because I bought 3 kgs of the yarn in 3 cols and decided I really did not like it knit singly, unless I knit on 2mm needles! Hence the two colours used on this sweater.
I only decided on this collar as I got near to front neck shaping. I made it up as I went along, but knew what I had in mind. I am quite happy with this. I used 3.25 mm for the 4x4 rib, as I did with the hem.
I was rather surprised this came at as a picture at all. I couldn't see thru the viewfinder! It shows the beginning of the lunar eclipse experienced a few nights ago, maybe a whole week ago...


Anonymous said...

The sweater looks very good, as does all your things :). The improvised neckline is unique and attractive. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you got the photo of the lunar eclipse. It was such a sensational event. I felt powerless with my digital camera and unable to turn off the automatic flash.

Karen said...

Very nice -- like the collar. That will be one toasty sweater!

Anonymous said...

Dear Colin,
You are such a treasure for all of us.
Your knits are beautiful, and you willingly share your techniques and knitting knowledge.
You counsel us very effectively about abuses and their effects. and how to deal with them.
You share you way of losing weight ---- and now we are getting great Recipes. I will try the Crockpot Chicken on Wednesday, and thank you for it now --- because I know it will be good --- and it will cook while I knit !!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always. Candy

Shirley said...

It's gorgeous Colin!

Anonymous said...

Well done! I like that collar. Did you knit it separately, or attach it as you went? Did it require any shaping, or did the vertical ribbing eliminate the need for it?

It looks like it will be VERY warm... just in time for spring! :oD


Anonymous said...

As always, your newest sweater is something special. In fact, I am making a
print of that neckline. I keep a file of print of things I want to try.
Never thought of exactly that before, and something like it is going to be
on one of my future sweaters. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The collar is great and I think that the finished sweater will look
I love alpaca - so soft next to the skin and much lighter than wool

Anonymous said...

Hi Collin!
I like the collar too, nice!
it seems that I saw one similar, but not the same collar, one day ...

Hilde C. said...

Hi Colin! The sweater looks great - and Drops Alpaca is such a beautiful and soft yarn. It must be a real treat to wear that sweater when it's finished.
Thank you for commenting on my blog. I was really surprised, since you are the first man to make a comment on my blog - and I'm glad you did. I'm also glad to hear that you experienced Oslo like you did :-)