Saturday, March 31, 2007


I was with the characters CJ and the President in an episode of The West Wing (at least I assume it was an episode).

The President was addressing a large group of people and CJ was standing by his side. I appeared to be standing behind them both tho I am sure I was not visible to anyone.

A man in the crowd, who was seated and dressed differently to everyone else, suddenly called out, very calmly. 'I love you'.

Switch to another scene.
The President is relating this story and is very moved by it. I could feel how moved he was. It was as if I was feeling his feelings.

I asked him if this was real or was he acting? (Because I knew it was Martin Sheen and not the President).

At that moment, a group of people could be heard giggiling and making fun of this 'I love you' incident.

I was about to do something or other when I awoke and I heard very clearly:

'I am a Buddhist monk and I love you.'

Now what was that all about? I have my own view. Maybe you have yours?

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