Monday, March 26, 2007

Men Behaving Badly

Or in this case, one man, namely me.

I have been so good too. Thru prayer and meditation I have kept myself calm. Not allowed my mind to escalate things regarding my lump. No panic. Sleeping well. Getting on with my stuff. Pretty amazing really. I was a frightened wreck when the Dr looked so seriouly upon examining my lump but I have handled it thru the above mentioned means.

Until today that is.

I had to go to the dr's surgery to pick up a prescription. I got there, with difficulty due to traffic, to find all the disabled bays taken by non disabled drivers. I kept quiet. I asked for my prescription and was told the chemist had it on the other side of town. I left and as I was doing so, I saw one of the non disabled people getting into their car. I resisted saying anything.

I arrive at the chemist. Now outside the chemist there are two parking bays. On one side is a driveway and on the other a pedestrian crossing. As I arrived, a woman was in front of me and she just stopped her car so that she was parked in the middle of these two bays, leaving no room for another car.

I rolled down my window, and politely asked;

'Would you move forward, please?'

Out of the car got this 'footballer's wife' type, fake tan, streaks, high heels, the works. She looked at me as if I were something she had just trodden in and said:


Before I even had time to think, I had exploded and yelled at her.

'You selfish ****!!!!!'

I hobbled off to the chemist and there she was bold as brass, mouthing off at me about having sworn at her. I apologised. Twice in fact.

'You are quite right, I should not have spoken to you in that manner, I apologise. However, I did ask you politely to move your car forward and you refused point blank. I was angry at your selfishness. However, I should not have sworn at you.'

'I have never been called **** in my life, ' she wailed.

I resisted the urge to say the words that came into my mind, namely;

'I bet you have!'

She just went on.

'I can do no more than apologise,' I say. 'All you had to do was move your car a few feet before you got of it.'

'Well I am not apologising. If my husband was here.....'

By this time I had been given my drugs by a chemist who was trying hard not to laugh and I left thinking how good her husband would look beating up on a cripple! And if he was like her , he would not have given that any thought.

I should not have sworn at this woman, that is clear. I behaved badly. I am so taken aback by how quickly I went into one. I had no time to catch myself, or think, or anything. I wasn't even feeling bad. However, lose it I did. Up I went like volcano. It was the way she looked ta me and said no that did it.

And I was so good to have kept my thought to myself when she wailed about no one ever having called her a **** before.....


Anonymous said...

Gee, that was a pretty mild, dare I say, far too gentle cursing of this horrible woman? I'm afraid you're a better man than I, dear Colin. I am not sure I would have been so nice.


TJ said...

This isn't really a response to your post, so feel free to not publish...but I would just like to say how inspiring I find you. I was the victim of varying degrees and kinds of abuse and am still finding it difficult to push myself out into the real world without thinking that everyone will eventually hurt me. So reading your perspective on things helps me deal just a little bit more than I could on my own.

I also find your knitting inspiring as well! And the dogs must be great companions. If ever I have felt safe, it was with my dogs beside me and some type of crafting on my lap...

Keep keepin' on! :)

Anonymous said...

I would have called her a **** in a NY Minute....the bitch! lol

Unknown said...

I too get ticked off when some people have no respect for others - with or without challenges. Bravo to you! She did deserve it - and proved it by the hubby threat.

Hang in there -

steel breeze said...

I *never* park in disabled spots, and if I see the perpetrators, I sing "It's a miracle" by Queen, and give them the evil eye. Makes me feel better anyway!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that happened to you; it's appalling the other driver was so rude. It is to your credit that you apologized.

Here, at a local grocery/everything store, disabled people have been hired to hand out tickets to non disabled people who park in the reserved spaces. It's too bad that can't happen everywhere.

I just found your blog through Socknitters and am really enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh~~~inconsiderate people like that just drive me absolutely ape you-know-what~~
My hubby is disabled and on a handicapped scooter, and seems like people just TRY to run him down!! What can they be thinking? If they're capable of that`~~
Hang in there~~we care!! Jean S in Tx USA

Anonymous said...

See, nanner nanner nanner, I'm not the only one who wants you to transcribe that wonderful green sock, or you can just mail it to me

Read you posting about that "lovely" nasty selfish woman, Probably invented the term *****. Here she would be nicely termed a swamp witch!! And now, just stop berrating yourself, live for RIGHT this moment and let it go. She was sooo rude and incosiderate she deserved to be called to the carpet.

I know the feeling.... 6:30am idiot right outside my driveway, and close to bedroom window. turns up his spanish language drive broadcast soooo loud it made me and my dog jump. Would have thought it was a clock radio going off. Stomped outside in my jammies(think pink bunny flannels, scary) and yelled at the man. He, at least had the sheepishness to say sorry. Dumb idiot..... But I had to just let it go or I would not have gotten back to sleep, and I needed it as I have a cold!!

So hugs from west coast CA, for standing up to people who would be better living in a barn....

and go get someone to write down that pattern for the rest of us drooling on our keyboards.....