Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bavarian Type Sock

Knitted with 2.5mm circular needle. Pattern made up as I went. Yarn is 80%wool 20% nylon, 4ply by Sirdar. Less than 50 gms for this sock.
I normally knit the ribibng on 2mm and the body on 2.25mm but I boobed and was half way thru the ribbing when I realised I was using 2.5mm. So I stuck with that and didn't change for the body.
Top view. Heel, sole and toe knit in st st only.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely, as usual. Tell me about the shaping(?) section at
the back of the leg above the heel. Is that for decoration
or is a narrowing for fit or what? Inquiring minds and all

Anonymous said...

Colin your bavarian sock is wonderful!!!! Love the color, love the
pattern!! Nice looking heel! I was just thinking that we haven't
heard from you on ColourMart and was wondering how you were doing
and then I saw this post. So I see you have been busy designing
socks. Addictive aren't they? Will you be publishing the pattern?

Dlhaymark said...

Hi Colin

FABULOUS sock! Your knitting is beautiful.


Mokihana said...

What a lovely sock!! I am really impressed. I really love the heel and the entire design. It looks complex, and I admire your skill in knitting it.


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful sock Colin, and on 2.5mm needles, I don't know how you find the patience. Plus breeding doggies too! Do you knit them little socks for cold weather?

Anonymous said...

Socks are fantastic.....but it's the pants that make the outfit!!! cg

Anonymous said...

A good-kooking sock, Colin. Will the pattern be made available? It looks like something my husband would like.

Susan in HK said...

Colin, this sock pattern is beautiful. And the color is lovely, too! Is this your famous Sherman heel?


Bets said...

Great design!

Anonymous said...

Lovely sock!

Anonymous said...

Gosh! These socks look absolutely awesome - what a great pattern, and the colour you've been using seems to be just the perfect one for the pattern! Great work indeed!

DeeAnn said...

Great design Colin! I love the simplicity, yet strong asthetic with the texture changes showing off the architecture. The yarn choice shows it off beautifully :)

Milly said...

Wonderful work! I love that color!

UniquelymeNana said...


What a beautiful sock!! I love the color. I am attempting my first pair for my hubby and I also am making a crazy color pair for myself 1 color for ribbing, 1 for body, 1for heel and 1 for toe. I figure why not a diverse and artistic sock to represent my artistic side lol. Once again awesome my friend.

Cheryl ~ Texas

Jenn said...

those look great and every so cuddly soft on thefoot, you did a great job on your first pattern! :)

Anonymous said...

Again, I'm just boggled by your skill, and by the
beauty of your finished knits.

I've a question, though; it looks like your sock was
knitted flat. How do you manage seams on socks so
they can't be felt? I'm a diabetic, so it's important
to have things as smooth as possible.

Anonymous said...

What a good-looking sock! I love the way it is constructed & the color you chose is great!
I check your website quite often, as I adore seeing photos of your doxies. I have a short-hair who is
the love of our lives. I admire your knitted items as well, you are quite the designer!
If you ever decide to publish that sock pattern, I would appreciate knowing about it. I think it is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Well, Colin, You've done it again!!!

As usual, another masterpiece! What if you get a hypnotist to put
you under, tell you that you're a designer, give you a paper and pen
(or computer), you could write down those patterns...ya think???

You do such beautiful work. I can follow a pattern but when it comes
to trying to design my own...well, maybe some day I'll just have to
sit down and try.

It's always a joy to see what you've done lately. Please 'tune in'
more frequently and keep us posted.

Sheila said...

I have been busy with work and not reading blogs much. So I am very late in saying, I love this sock! I'm glad you posted the pattern! Thank you.