Thursday, March 08, 2007

All Sorts

The sun is shining so I won't need to sit for 30 mins in front of my 10,000 lux light today. I soon won't need to use it all. If any one out there also suffers due to lack of light, I thoroughly recommend you get one. It consists of a box with 4 strip lights in giving out a total of 10,000 lux light. Nothing less will do. One day light bulb will not do! Since I started to use mine, I have not had the awful black depressions and lack of motivation that winter brings on. It really works and for me it worked from the first day.

Luna and Micah got it together 4 weeks ago and she is now 4 weeks pregnant. Micah is such a good boy. Luna is taller than he so he needed my help in the form of two throws folded so that he could stand on top of them. This way he was able to reach. After the first time, he came up to me and 'asked' for the throws!

Moon has been on honeymoon for a whole month! Normally, the 10-12th day of a season is the mating day. Not with her. She didn't mate until the 28th day! Thankfully she went to a good friend so it has not been a hassle. She just stayed there until she was ready. I will collect her on Saturday.

Micah attended his first show, a breed club open show and he won 2nd in his Junior class. I was very pleased with that. The dog placed first is a good dog.

I am in the process of knitting a variation of the sweater I posted last week.

I managed to get John to the doctor on Monday. I insisted. It was not good news. It seems he has a serious lung condition, though not a tumour as I feared. Why do some people hate dr's and leave things till they are really sick? He couldn't breath 150 in the breathing tube he had to breathe into.

My own thoughts and feelings have been all over the place this last month. Feeling nothing, then feeling happy, then feeling like I want to cry all the time. And I have started having night terrors again. Although I hate them more when I am on my own, it is better cos then I don't wake John up! He has learned over the years to wake me from a distance and not to touch me until I am fully awake again.

Shameless is growing up nicely. She is so intelligent and well behaved but still with loads of 'look at me' character.

I have almost completed the body and neck of my hand knit Alpaca sweater, just finishing the left side of neck and it will be done. Then on to the sleeves. I have stuck to hand knitting just one sweater at a time, leaving my Aran alone until this is complete. I find it easier as it doesn't seem to take so long to complete one sweater!

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Know Better, Feel Better said...

Where are the photos of this elusive Alpaca sweater you speak of?