Friday, September 29, 2006


This is the Yak hair sweater, incomplete, knitted at tension 8 on the Garter Carriage. 2 x 2/15's weight yarn. The pattern detail is a little blurred. I really do want an SLR Digital Camera as I find the ordinary ones to be not that good.

This is my final design, having frogged several other designs. It's pure wool knitted on 3.75 Addi circulars. Have yet to decide on sleeve type, but thinkI will go for a dropped one with a saddle.


Mary Beth said...

I have shamelessly blogged your blog, Colin, in most part because my readers should see the wonderous capacity of knitted garments and design whilst I struggle (hehehe)to teach myself the knit leader and the garter carriage. Thanks for posting the pix. I do agree that a digial SLR camera is necessary for documentation. Congratulations to Tilly on her courageous striving.

Anonymous said...

That Aran looks like a pretty sage green on my monitor, just my colour, if you happen to get tired of it. ;-) Onward!


Where fibers meet mud said...

Colin - love the sweater pattern for the aran - - and I love the color and the pattern on the yak sweater too! Wow you have been busy - all I have done over the last 6 days is either work or grandparent. I think I finally have the pattern down for my daughters Aran - good thing because I only have 3 months to finish it!

Glad to hear the puppies are well. Big healthy children always spoil it for future generations....

Anonymous said...

HI Colin
the designs are lovely I will have to get my garter carriage going I bought a passap e6000 and iam hooked on that at the moment I just love it
I hope your puppies are doing fine and mum of course

Anonymous said...

The stitch pattern looks very nice and I think you're right about the
saddle shoulder sleeve.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,

Both your Yak pattern and the 2x2/15 look great.
Wish I had as much patience as you have.

Anonymous said...

beautiful! I really like the cable combos. What did you do for the bottom edging? it was hard to tell from the photo.

Congratulations on the puppies too! pics on yor blog, please!

Deborah M. said...

Just beautiful! I can only hope to knit something that lovely one day!

Linda said...

Simply gorgeous, both of them. I particularly like the aran!! Would love to see more of these sweaters as they progress. You are a very talented knitter!! Love your work!


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Colin!! Would love to see it as it progresses. Of
course, your Yak piece is lovely as well. You are such a talented

Thanks for sharing!

Linda in PA

FuguesStateKnits said...

YES! It's lovely! Drop w/saddle and excellent idea - with maybe a braid down the sleeve like the FLAK? I cannot wait to see the finished sweater.
Beautiful! Your hand knitting is as beautiful - if not more so - as your machine knitting.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sweater, Colin. You are amazing.


gail said...

Awesome pattern Colin and of course being the green girl I am, the color is perfect.

gail said...

Awesome pattern Colin and of course being the green girl I am, the color is perfect.