Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tibet Sock

I finished these today. I think they are regia but definately to colourway is called Tibet.Probably my favourite pair yet. French heel this time. I haven't managed any othe rknitting, esepcially by machine, as my ribcage is too sore. Went to the Dr today and it seems I have an infection/inflamation of the muscles between the ribs, hence the pain like I am in a vice! Who knew one even had muscles there! Honestly, with my OA acting up too i think if I were a dog, I'd take the needle!

I vont to be alone. Moonlight having a bad hair day.
Micah also having a bad hair day but the grin is to let you know that he plans to lose his virginity any day now once Finty stops playing hard to get. Honestly the PMT around here has been a nightmare. The girls all fighting and poor Micah getting the brunt of it.
What is going on? Why is everyone fighting? I amglad they leave me alone but I wonder if I am next.....
Luna is wondering why Frauke is so obessed with licking her ears. Even dogs have fetishes.


Anonymous said...

Nice colors, Tibet! Nice bunch of dogs either, Colin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin--

Love your new socks!! Very good coloring for a man/or lady for that matter. I'm learning to hand knit socks and some of the yarns that I like I certainly couldn't get my DH to wear!!!>bg> Looking forward to seeing new puppy pics too.


Anonymous said...

Cool socks, love the photos of the dogs! I get days like that too! Can't do a thing with my hair! LOL

Anonymous said...

As usual your knitting is perfection. I have a question, tho. You referred
to the newest sock as a French heel and the previous one as a Dutch heel.
Being new to sock knitting, they looked very much alike to me. Is there a
fine point of difference? or did I just miss something obvious? Perhaps you
could point me to an url that discusses these.

As always, your dog pics are appreciated. Waiting for the puppy photos.

Anonymous said...

Gawd Colin it sounds like "The Oracle" ( infamous and truly hideous binging spot)on a Friday night in Reading! Hope you feel better soon .

Anonymous said...

Colin congratulations on your new Etsy Store, that is where all the beautiful sweaters you are knitting are going. They are so comfy and rich looking.

The new socks are well done and the pic showing the different types of heels you do is so helpful.

As for this period of unpredictable hormone levels, I applaud you as a man of great bravery, few like you to deal with the unpredictable fluctuations of cycles.

Hope the little mummy to be has an easy time of it and I'll keep my fingers crossed for a safe delivery.

Best wishes to you all,

Anonymous said...

Very nice Colin! You do good work :)

kshotz said...

Wow! Amazing color! I love it! While I've done about a dozen pairs of socks, I always do the heel the same way. Do you have a suggestion for where I might find instructions for different ways to do heels? Do you have a favorite resource?

Anonymous said...

Colin, your socks are gorgeous. I love the colorway too, they turned out really nice.

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Ooh Colin poor you - I had intercostal trouble once - it only hurts when you breathe!

Anonymous said...

hat color is indeed lovely -- now to find some for me! dogs are cute, too!