Sunday, September 24, 2006

Micah's Lost It

Micah lost his virginity today. He mated Finty. I think he got a bit of a shock when they became 'stuck' together! Thankfully it only lasted about 5mins. Sometimes it can last very much longer than that. Of course, I had to hold Finty still as she wanted to get away, even though it is the bitch who causes the tie by her vagina clamping tight on the penis. They both settled down and were calm. Poor Micah's back feet were off the ground though as Finty is a bit taller!

If all goes well, pups will be due around 26th Novemeber.

Oh and Tilly is getting very close to delivering her pups-possibly tonight.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting excited about seeing the pups, and sending good thoughts that Tilly has a quick labor! :-)

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the pups.... poor Micah has he recovered from the indignity of it all?