Thursday, September 07, 2006


I just found out from my neighbours that this woman had been leaving my dogs outside all day and all night! Of course they barked a lot which is why they looked to see what was going on. They didn't like to 'complain' to me and said nothing until I told them that this woman was not welcome at my home and had no permisson to be there.

I am also changing my locks.

Now that I am over the intial shock, I am feeling myself again. Time to move on.

Having a good day. Have even started a new pair of socks....


Anonymous said...

Colin how dreadful to find your dogs so neglected. I truly feel for you as I have dogs as well (will start showing again next year) Makes me wonder if she even fed or watered them properly. At least you were able to save the damage she had done. I am saddened by your loss of what you thought was a good friendship. Good Luck

sal the spider said...

Thank God you didn't take a winter break. Poor little things must've been well confused by their change of fortune.
Having a good day here walking my pair in this wonderful weather - but not feeling myself thou' [[evil grin]] Take care, nice to have you back
Sal xxx

Annie said...

I'm very glad to hear you're feeling better.
No-one needs "friends" like that

Gillian said...

A new pair of socks!!!
I'm feeling a bit down myself and might go for just the same remedy.
I'm also dying to ask you what you do with all the stuff you knit. Can it be bought and if so, where?
I'm feeling greatly cheered by your recovery. i hope your dogs do you proud and win firsts at the next show.
Cheers Gillian

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin, glad to read you are feeling much better. Read the previous post and am astonished that although you had rung to say you were coming back early she did nothing to hide her inattention! You may not agree with me but i believe there is a reason that stuff happens, either it will clear the way for a better friend who is just waiting in the wings, or who knows. Anyhow enjoy the socks, they are like a meditation to me, just cast on and go........ luv Beverley (shame you don't live nearer, I could come and bore the socks off ya!)

Diane said...

I'm glad you caught this person red handed instead of being left to wonder. It looks like after the initial hurt you've managed to put everything in order and start to move forward. I wish you well.