Sunday, September 17, 2006


Dogs are quite amazing. This last week, Tilly kept staring at the corner of the lounge and turning looking at me. She was telling me she thought it was high time I put her whelping pen up. So I did. It was all neat and tidy but not now. She has made her nest. Mind you, the actual box is not in there yet. That will happen later today.

She is due in about 10 days. Tilly adores having puppies. When she hasn't got any, and one of the others do, she tries to steal them!



Anonymous said...

Oh not only is she lovely but she is obviously made comfortable and now it's just an anxious wait I guess.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see the pups!!!

NikolaAnne said...

So sweet... :-)

Gillian said...

All the best Tilly! I think you are one of the prettiest dogs I've ever seen, so your puppies are bound to be gorgeous and it will be extra special to have your own and not have to steal others'.
Cheers Gillian

DJ said...

Actually, it's Tilley who had to get the nest all fixed just right after you failed to get it right! LOL Anyway that is the look that our fur babies give us after they have re-made their beds. ;-) Looking forward to tiny fur baby pics. And I still haven't added any knitting to my blog. Between my geriatric computer and weird server, nothing has been added.
Hugs, DJ