Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When I put the cones in my online shop, I really had my doubts they would sell. I put up 6. In less than 24 hrs, 5 have sold. So much better than Ebay. None of the hassle. It s going to be a pretty full time job to get shot of all this yarn but it must be done. I can’t stomach the idea of binning it.

I have been dyeing and I have learned a lot recently. First, I have learned that unlike Kemtex dye powder, Landscape and Gay Wool (behave!) dyes must be put into boiling water to dissolve. I have also found that dye is best used cold and painted onto cold yarn. I wash my hanks first, I don’t soak them. I also found I do not need to use anywhere near the amount of dye I have been. Today I dyed 4 hanks from the same mixtures. After the first, I diluted and dyed another hank, then diluted and dyed another and then diluted and dyed another. I didn’t reach pastel! Yes the colours grew less strong but did not pale as much as I thought they would so clearly I am using too much to start off with, even for the strongest colours I need less dye to make it strong. This means that all he dyes I have will last me long long time.
I feel so content recently. I only wish my body would allow me to do more though I am grateful for what I can do.
I have really learned how not to hassle myself and let pride get in the way. I swim Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I don’t force myself to and I don’t force a particular amount of laps. I stop when I know I must.
Of the seven dogs, only two are coated. That really was a hard decision to make but it is the right one fro them and for me.
Today, I am just about done in. I am sore and tired so instead of forcing myself to carry on, I am resting. That demon whispering in my ear all the time about me being lazy and good for nothing is dead.
I am flattered that my hand dyed yarns are selling so well.
We should have the car next week. We were going to Edinburgh for 5 days on Easter Sunday but have cancelled. The weather is crap. They reckon up there is getting 8 inches this next couple of days. Here is blowing fiercely with rain and black clouds with worse to  come. The wind blew the dogs over when they wanted to go out. They changed their minds and came back in. Did I mention that I have taught Luque, six years old, to give his paw? I find that amazing. I don’t use treats, just praise.
We have re booked Edinburgh later. I am determined I WILL see that city! John has loads of times and all I know who have been say it is gorgeous.
The heat sensations are to do with C7 vertebrae compressing nerves. I was offered Gabapentin, and epilepsy drug which also deadens nerve pain but I didn’t take the offer. I take 20+ pills a day as it is. Besides, it isn’t so bad and the pk’s take care of it mostly.I just Googled Gabapentin. You should see the side effects! F*ck off! No way!)
I am watching Series 3 of The Secret Diary of A Call Girl starring Billie Piper. It is very good. Funny. Moving. Billie Piper is beautiful and an excellent actress. She is beautiful whilst still being real, her face has character.


Yarnhog said...

Have you ever seen a chiropractor? I know lots of people think they're quacks, but I have an excellent one and regular adjustments really help me (backed up by x-rays that show noticeable improvement). Just thinking that might help with the nerve pain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Colin,
Interesting about the dye strength.
I have just received some yarn blanks, and am going to try kool-aid dyeing soon. I was so impressed by the results you got.

Iris said...

Gay Woo, huh? That just makes me giggle. Being oppositional by nature, telling me to behave will make me, well, NOT.

anachronist said...

Gabapentin, eh?
What side effects do you not want to deal with with this drug? Would you like to mail with me about it?

I have to take this stuff and deal with the side effects or seize and have the ants running on me all the time again.

So for me, it is better to deal with the side effects than have the original stuff going on.

It is amazing, what you learn about the dye work, isnt it?
So much a just started dyer can get changed and adjusted to the individual process.

Have fun playing with the yarn and colours, the results are always stunning.

Have finally charted the glove patterning and will gt knitting soon now with the Falu.