Friday, March 05, 2010


The very thoughtful Claire emailed me to let me know that Carly Simon was no BBC being interviewed at 9:05. I read the email at 9:04!!!! Just in time to watch and record.

Thank you Claire/Alex (craftyweemidden)

I sold a lot of hanks this week. Some are multiple buyers. I am chuffed as anything. I still feel a pang when they leave. I want to know what they look like when knitted up.

I have discovered too that on this laptop, my yarns to not look like they are in real life! On my tower pc, they do. I will just have to stop fretting about it as I can’t control everyone’s monitor!

This new laptop is going to take some getting used to. I am only using it for email and blogging and surfing for now. However, it is powerful enough to replace my tower pc, which I might well do.

Shameless and Luque have yet to tie the knot but she is getting close to ripe. Poor Luque is getting slightly frustrated now.

Three mornings in a row I have had to take morphine just to get going! Bad pain during the night last night too. My bloody rib spasms. Ick!


Herzblut said...

oh I'm so glad you got it! You are most welcome, my friend.


Fatuous Anility said...

I LOVE Carly Simon!!!!