Monday, March 29, 2010


I had a good weekend. Quiet. Marilyn came for a cappuccino on Saturday afternoon. She brought some beautiful flowers. I don’t know much about flowers but she always brings those I like. These were Hyacinths she says. Very pretty.

I spent much of the weekend trying to sort out a problem with my dyeing. I ruined a few hanks of yarn because the dyes had not dissolve din solution properly and left dark smudges on the yarn when cooked. I tried EVERYTHING BUT THE RIGHT THING to fix the problem. I even called Australia on the phone.

You see, I am used to using Kemtex dyes, which are powder. You DO NOT put boiling water on them. So with this problem with the Landscape and Gay Wool, I tired all sorts of things to get the ‘bits’ to dissolve. I wasted much dye. I wasted much time. In the end, I poured boiling water onto the dye….and you’ve guessed it, the bits dissolved. Problem solved. ARRRGGGHHH!!!! Now don’t get me wrong, I am very pleased I found the solution. I am just annoyed with myself for having taken so much time (and money) to figure out a very simple remedy!

Still, it’s all about learning.

I have put six new hanks up today on Knitman’s Kitchen. ( I WILL BE DE STASHING MY CONES VIA THE SHOP TOO-THEY WILL HAVE THEIR OWN PAGE.)

I also had a problem with the shop. It was not allowing UK buyers to buy! The shop’s program told me I could have an option. So i put in an option for non-UK buyers as they get charged £1 postage. What it neglected to tell me was that if I did this, I then had to give a second option for UK buyers.It may have been obvious to the programmer but it wasn’t to me.

I have received FOUR moving emails over the weekend. I am amazed at the courage people show in confiding in me and how they bother to let me know how my writing affects them. These emails either tell me about themselves or they share their belief system with me. It is humbling and gratifying.

Facebook took some getting used to but I find it quite fun. I do have lots of friends that i don’t know! I also keep being asked to be friends by people, who when I look at their interests, are fundamentalists. (I shall leave you to figure from which country they are from and what they are fundies about.) Now, is this some form of joke? Is their a ‘Save Knitman’ movement?(my ego doesn’t need that kind of attention, thanks.) Do they score points for each fundy friend who gets thru? Or is it my pink hat and they are all closet fag hags? I find it rather odd. Actually, I just hit on it: it must be the hat! A man in a PINK hat? WE SIMPLY MUST SAVE HIM  FOR JESUS. Though personally, I think Jesus is much more likely to ask me where I got the hat from and could he please borrow mine?

I did my swim this morning, re-hanked yarn, and posted into my shop. I am now going to bed. Oh, I saw the dr and it seems a new part of my spine is acting up, hence the burning sensations I have been experiencing lately. Not seriously painful, just a deep warmth. It is weird how the spine causes weird stuff. I know, I know, it’s where the nervous system is housed and spreads out form so that si why but still, it’s weird. Everything form pain, to burning, to tingling, to thinking I need to poo, not being able to move, to falling over, which I did three times over the weekend. Once at the Wisbech ‘church’ and the chairlady thought it very funny. (Wicked woman! ;-) ) I was attempting to come down a a flight of steps. Two steps to be precise.

I might get my new car this week but by the 10th I am told. I want it NOW!!!! I am excited about it. I can’t wait to get it and then have someone call me on my mobile phone so I can answer them by pressing a button on my steering wheel! I can’t help, I think that is really cool. It also has an Ipod hole, Cruise Control (saves my leg), DAB radio, the side mirrors tuck in when the engine is switched off. In fact, it is going to be a bit like learning a new PC!

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Iris said...

Perhaps you look like good "rescue" fodder for the fundies. :)