Saturday, March 27, 2010


(Don’t forget you can click on pictures for larger view.)

The rumour that I am not I am not knitting is just a vicious slur upon my name, Knitman! Here is the proof:

My AranThis is my Baby Ull Aran.

  mernosilkbamThis is my own Knitman’s Kitchen wool/silk/bamboo

 merino tencel This is my Knitman’s Kitchen Merino Tencel used twofoldMy merino sock and this is Knitman’s Kitchen merino/nylon(the dye didn’t dissolve completely so kept for myself. You can see the dark spots)Nechung  This is our old Nechung, our girl riddled with tumours who seems to be doing very well. Still eats like a pig and dances at dinner time. Other times she seems to not know where she is. She is showing no sign of being in pain.


Anonymous said...

Your knitting is beautiful! Who is spreading the rumor?
Your dog is so cute! I need to get mine outside for a walk. It is 50 degrees but very windy.
I need to knit all day to keep up with you.
Enjoy your blog.
Lynn in IL

Lynne said...

You crack me up Colin... glad to see the proof you are knitting as I enjoy seeing what you are creating.

Cute ole girl... hope she lots more comfortable days with you.

WereGrouch said...

I actually quite like the dark spots in your "didn't dissolve" socks. I'd say if that happens in future, just point it out as a design feature!
As always, beautiful knitting and beautiful dogs.

Susan said...

Oh, that Aran pattern is stunning and your tension is superior. I can appreciate the work that went into that center panel!
Doggie pic: Look at that sweet little face, just like a potty little old

Iris said...

I love that sweater! It sure looks like an intricate knit, though.

JaneOC said...

Love, Love, Love your Aran!

anachronist said...

can second and third what was said about the dark spots in the sock yarn. It could be a design feature :-)

The Aran comes along nicely, and looks so good. I have this sock yarn size bunch laying around, waiting for me to be knit up into a cardigan, still.

Maybe it will be a rainbow coloured Aran?

You inspire us to do similarly nice work.

Go Colin :-)

FuguesStateKnits said...

And your pup looks terrific for one with health problems! May she live long and prosper:)!

FuguesStateKnits said...

What beautiful work! I LOVE your aran! Who needs twisted stitches? It's just beautiful! And your yarn - you ship to the US???