Saturday, January 06, 2007

Completed Aran

Completed aran. My own design. More details HERE
Neck detail.
Set in sleeve detail.


Sheila said...

Your aran is gorgeous! I love the neckline detail. Great job!

anna said...

wonderful work - just gorgeous. i especially love the little roll on the neck.

LDSVenus said...

That is very awesome. Makes me think maybe my next project when I finish with my sweater coat might be a aran sweater for my son. :)

lizzy said...

I think that the collar treatment is exquisite.

Terri said...

Gorgeous work Colin. I really like your design and esp. the collar treatment.

Nancy J said...

What a gorgeous sweater!Beautiful work!

FugueStateKnits said...

Colin, you are an artist! How beautiful:)
joan g., who is enjoying (with a guilty conscience about global warming) a lovely, spring-like day in January, in Ellicott City, MD.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Bonnie in Mn

Anonymous said...

very pretty Colin ~ nice very nice ~ Misty

Anonymous said...

colin, that is an incredibly beautiful sweater. i cn ony hope some day i can produce such beautiful *works of art*!! practice pratice!! the pups are cuties too!!!! ann

Cindy said...

The sweater is GORGEOUS! What yarn did you use, and are the
instructions available?

Sharon said...

Your sweater is absolutely incredible. What a fantastic knitter and
designer you are. Wear it with joy!

Raye said...

WOW! That is one gorgeous piece of work.

I love the neckline details.

Did you design it or did you use a commercial pattern?

Nan said...

Hi Colin....that is one gorgeous sweater. I assume this is handknit.
Can you tell us a little about the neck. It is
such a nice looking neck and looks like it would be comfortable. How can
you make these handknits so quickly, I would be
knitting for a year to finish something like this................

Anonymous said...

Colin, your Aran is the most beautiful sweater I have ever seen. If
only I could do 10% as well ! Rosanna

Ghis said...

"Superb as usual.

It also takes me a year to handknit an aran.
Pity you're so far away!"

Nadine said...


Super beautiful work!!!! The neck is also gorgeous! I know how much
patience and perseverance you had to complete this sweater. You used
3.25 mm needles and I was using smaller needles for the cable cardigan,
with shawl collar. Often, I thought that I was going to give up or it
was going to take me months to complete. A job, well done!

Nadine :-)

LouLou said...

This sweater is gorgeous and the neck is fabulous! Perfect finishing.
You have the patience of a saint, yes you do!!!

Anonymous said...

And you have got to be the best dressed man in the UK. Everything about it is perfect. I really enjoyed your blog today about Judgement. It helped me make an important decision. Ed will love the Global Warming thing. Ellie

Jan said...

Really nice Aran! Love the neckline.

Anonymous said...

stunning. toni in nyc

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful Colin. Congratulations on finishing! I've only handknit one
aran sweater, and it was for my sister's birthday. I started it in January
and her birthday was May 18. I emailed her a picture of the blocked pieces
on her birthday proving that I indeed hadn't forgotten her, but was, as
usual, having difficulty with the deadline. I was proud of myself that it
got to her before June! I've always wanted to make one for me but I have
never gotten past choosing the yarn.

Yours is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Colin,

moi aussi j'ai envie de vous dire à quel point je trouve votre pull
beau. Ce col est magnifique, il m'évoque un collier martelé et ciselé.
c'est vraiment très beau.

"I, too, want to tell you how lovely your aran is. The collar is just fabulous."

Heather said...

Hi Colin,
Nice must have taken a lot of patience , neckband goes
really well with it.
How much did the garment weigh when finished ?

ps. you learn something new everyday........I didn't know that about
sheep either!

Anonymous said...

Colin, your Aran sweater is gorgeous! I think I’m most impressed with the sleeve detail. It’s wonderful—really makes the sweater. Great job! Denise in Hugo

Bev said...

Oh it's too beautiful, and hand knit too!

Knittiana! said...

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Hello Colin,
Such a beautiful Aran jumper, well done. I am impressed by the
comfortable neck finish, I have a thyroid problem and sometimes a stiff
neck finish is painful. I shall be inspired by you in future.
Thank you