Monday, January 22, 2007

Mary Beth's Underwear

The temperature has dropped to freezing and I finally get a chance to wear Mary Beth's underwear.

They are excellent, Mary Beth. They really kept my legs warm-they didn't seize up on me(my legs). They didn't make me itch and they didn't make me sweat either. Not only that they are easy to take on and off and do not squash the bits I don't want squashed.

Thank you very much.


Mary Beth said...

That's the best news and we have Saint Ann, patron of seamstresses, and Malden Mills for their excellent fleece backed powerstretch to thank, I reckon. But, honey, (as they'd say here in Tennessee) those aren't my underwear, they're yours! LOL You can't have mine, I live in them! Thanks for the update :) Stay warm!

Alison said...

Interested to know more about these Colin - diabetic father with poor circulatio needs warm but non restrictive undies.]