Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Kindness of Strangers

A little while ago, I mentioned I had trouble with my legs in the cold weather and that wearing ladies tights and long johns was not only difficult but uncomfortable.

A lovely lady, Mary Beth, wrote and said she would make some special long john's that would work. Well, they arrived in the post today all the way from Tennessee. Wonderfully comfortable.

Thank you so much Mary Beth.

You can read about Mary Beth and her loves here: The Stitchery


Unknown said...

What a wonderful gift from a generous and thoughtful person. You are very lucky.

And the puppies are so cute - makes me want to get down on the floor and play - but I'm further away then Tennessee - about 6 hours driving time anyway.

Anonymous said...

Colin: I couldn't believe you called me to thank me! It's fun to do something for someone who is so genteel, and folks, he spins a story verbally as well as he does in writing or in yarn. St Anne (see the blog entry at The Stitchery) did indeed watch over this project. The TN longjohns fit!!!