Saturday, January 06, 2007


If you say you don't judge anyone or anyone's behaviour, you are a fool. And a liar too!

We all judge and we must do so! If we did not we would constantly put ourselves in danger.

Judgement is a part of our survival mechanism.

Do you let just anybody into your life? Your house? Do you let anybody look after your children? Do you accept any type of behaviour? Do you turn away from another's wrong doing? Do you keep quiet if and when you feel some action or thought is wrong?

Is it is easier for you to keep quiet rather than upset people and have them dislike you?

If you do, you are not only irresponsible, but cowardly too.

Judgement is not condemnation. To condemn is entirely different from judgement and it is this, condemnation, that must be avoided. To condemn is to hold yourself up as superior, as better than, as all knowing. It leads to the dehumanising of others. The ill treatment of others. And ,worst of all, the dehumanising of yourself.

People act in all sorts of deplorable ways. Thru pain, thru fear, thru grief. We need not accept the deplorable behaviour. Indeed it is our duty not to. It is right and proper that we point out errors when we see them, and do what we can to change the errors. Conversely, we need to look and see if it is a just point when our own errors are pointed out. NONE of us is free from error.

It is down, as is all, to personal responsibility. To attack and condemn and undermine a person who speaks up when error is apparent is not the path of the righteous nor the path of those seeking enlightenment. It is the path of the narcissist who cannot see themselves nor wants to yet they desire to be seen in a good light by others. They see themselves as spiritual people yet lack any true understanding of it. It shows in their behaviour and emotional turmoil. It shows in the speed with which they attack those they perceive as threatening.

Know yourself. If you do not, or are not willing to, you will not reach the place you wish to be. It cannot be reached without much suffering, real soul churning suffering, not the wretched empty meaningless suffering we put ourselves thru by avoiding our selves.


Anonymous said...

Well, Harrumph!!! (I've been using that word a lot lately) Humans are so difficult, esp in packs.

Anonymous said...

Colin, I couldn't agree with you more. People get so hung up on the term "judgment", especially those from a religious or church institution. I don't grapple with it, for the very same reasons you mentioned. People confuse judgment and condemnation frequently. I love your blog, and especially your recent posts, and your dogs are cute, too! Have a Happy New Year, and a wonderful 2007.