Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well, blow me....

I got one of those awful threatening chain emails. You know the type - those that threaten you bad luck if you don't post it on to umpteen people.
Some people are disturbed by these, if they have superstitious beliefs.

What really threw me about it was that it was sent via a group of people involved in my church!

I wrote this in response:

"How can people who purport to be spiritual send out this rubbish? It is neither amusing nor spiritual to send threatening chain letters.
Has anyone given any thought to what they are sending? Or are you so afraid that you send it out anyway just in case you do suffer for not doing so?

I suggest you take a look at your belief system."

To the point I think but hardly the words of the Devil himself. Instead of any self examination, I got thinly veiled malice and judgement back!

Makes me wonder......


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know what you mean, I get them from family and friends all the time, I simply delete them and ignore them and go on, I dont believe in luck, I do believe in faith.

Knittiana! said...

How very sad that makes me! I am a 'Believer' as they say. And no matter what my beliefs are, it upsets me to see people act in a way that is very contrary to their professed faith, what an example are they setting? Unfortunately faith is all to often no question of personal commitment but of 'fitting in' and 'conforming'.