Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Let’s face it, if I wasn’t weird you probably would not be reading my blog.

I went to bed at about three or four o’clock on Saturday morning having been up with Whitney for two nights delivering her puppies. I awoke a couple of hours later violently shivering.  Really violently.  John held me tight in an attempt to stop my body from jerking about. It eventually did stop, and I went back to sleep.  I woke up feeling fairly rough and very hot and sweaty.

Me being me it does not occur to me that I am sick.  No. Instead I think that I am having withdrawals from my painkillers. Here are my thinking that I had gotten over the guilt around taking heavy-duty painkillers and yet here it is in another disguise.

The same thing happened in the early hours of Sunday morning although not as severe.  Now I did not buy this time seriously think it could be withdrawals because I took morphine deliberately to see if by taking it I would feel better.  I did not other than felt pain relief.

So yesterday off I trot to the doctor who takes one look at me and says you’re very pale you obviously rather sick!

I have the flu.  The shaking and sweating is to do with the temperature and the reason it was only happening whilst I have been in bed a few hours is because by that time my pills had worn off and as I take paracetamol along with the tramadol and all morphine, of course I did not have a temperature when I took it.  Hence I could not be ill without a temperature. Duh! I have also discovered that having the flu vaccination every year does not protect one from getting the flu but it does lessen the effects.  I have to take my BP regularly at the moment because I am considered a high risk person ( for being killed by flu that is)!

I have to say this is really rather boring.  I am not knitting and shall be going back to bed shortly.  This is my fourth day of being sick so hopefully it is almost over.  I did sleep well last night despite being drenched.  The weirdest thing is that I keep suddenly becoming drenched in sweat and feeling very hot and then of course I feel chilled.  I am only wearing one layer of clothes instead of my usual three.

I have been fasting about with an updated version of my camera which I managed to get a refurbished one of.  I am really rather pleased with it.  No doubt there will be more photographs either on Facebook or on this blog.

No doubt because I have the ,Daniel Craig is about call and suggest we go out for an intimate dinner for two. I have to say that I would still have to refuse him as the very thought makes me feel iller! And I don’t care if iller is not a word

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