Friday, January 28, 2011


The yarn is 66% Cashmere 34% cotton, 2 x 2/27 which is the equivalent of 675m per 100g (a 2ply yarn in machine knit terms would be 800m/100g).

I used the Silver Reed SK 830 fine gauge machine, using all 250 needles. The gauge is 40s/60.5r and I knitted at tension 5.

The sweater, when completed, including mattress stitching, was machine washed on the hand wash cycle twice and then tumble dried twice. It was then rinsed and tumble dried again. It will shrink no further so can always be tumble dried.

The sweater weighed 490 grams off the machine and 466 when completed. Thus the oil used to protect the yarn and for ease of machine knitting weighed about 24gms.

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