Sunday, January 09, 2011


I had a very strange night. I awoke in the early hours shaking and shivering violently. I have no idea why.  It lasted over an hour.  I had to wake John so that you could hold me tight in an effort to stop my body jerking about shivering so badly. My teeth and jaw were hurting from the chattering.  In fact it my whole body hurt. Luque for some reason took exception and tried his damnedest to get between John and me.

I eventually went back to sleep but when it was time for me to get up I couldn’t so John had to get up and go and get my drugs.  Far from shivering I now feel very hot and I keep sweating.  I am not sick, meaning I do not feel unwell just very tired and sore.

I used to have fits of the shivers when I was young and I have never understood why.  I have not had an attack this bad for a very long time.  The last time was when I awoke in pain and my left knee had swollen to about four times the size it should a bit.  In that instance it seems to me that the chills and shivering were a direct result of the knee.

Whitney’s three boys and three girls are doing very well.  The very little boy did not make it.  He only weighed 95 g and despite feeding him he never gained and in fact lost. He appeared to have no sucking reflex. Now that he has gone everybody else settle down really well.  This year, meaning the last 12 months, all really the last three letters I have lost puppies from all of them whereas prior to that it was very rare indeed.  I have just been fortunate.  I know they’re only newborn puppies with no personality but I still hate to lose them even if they are born dead.  I have learned though when to intervene and when not to intervene and also when to give up.  If one is very stubborn and does not know when to stop one ends up causing unnecessary suffering.  I know that in this case I did not as I knew when to let go.

Six puppies is enough for any dog.  And to have three boys and three girls is really fortuitous.  Now we can just watch as they grow.

Whitney is eating very well but only out of my hand! This is the only time that I allow a dog to wrap me around their little paw!

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