Tuesday, January 04, 2011


....and jump up and down and a jig if I could.

This year started off really well.

Not only is our battle with the IRS over but THEY are going to give US a sum well into five figures. We still have the legal do do of having to get the legal claim on our house removed and also clear John's credit rating. At least though it will all be done.

Not only that, but the death of two people also gave us unexpected five figure sums each. Don't feel bad they were in their 90s and went peacefully.

My failed knitting business, because of my health, left me with a lot of debt. And I mean a lot. Anyone who knows how much brand-new silver reed machines with rivers cost etc. plus tonnes of cashmere and other fine yarns.
Fortunately the knitting business debt was paid off last year. This was a huge load off my mind because I felt so guilty about it. John never once commented about the thousands of pounds worth of machinery and yarn that I had that I now could not use to get my money back. He is really good that way. I beat myself up enough for the pair of us!

I am now in the very fortunate position of being able to knit what I please, as my body allows, and still sell the odd sweater and my hand dyed yarn.

John retires in 18 months and we shall be debt free! ( This also means I can marry him without my good financial history being ruined too.)

As I said 2011 is going to be a good year!

Our wedding is likely to be March 2012. Before our 32nd anniversary on 7/7. John doesn’t like to rush things, he needs to sure…..

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