Monday, January 24, 2011



I have just one sleeve left to do on John’s cashmere/cotton sweater and I think I may get that finished today. 

I have also been knitting a swatch on 4.5 mm needles for a twisted stitch sweater.  The swatches 121 stitches wide and I shall probably knit another 10 or so rows before I remove it wash it and measure it.


Wendell went to his new home with the lovely Tracey on Saturday and I know that he is going to have a wonderful life with her.  Waldo has yet to find a home but he will.  I never worry about my puppies being sold, the right home always comes along.

Winston, who we are keeping, went into town yesterday afternoon and he reacted to it all very well.  He wanted to meet all the people he saw and the dogs and the only hesitation he showed was when he wanted to bound along and discovered that the lead would not allow that!

Whitney’s puppies are doing extremely well.  They are 17 days old today.  On Saturday I did get rather concerned because they were dirty and smelly and Whitney did not appear to be interested in keeping them clean.  Since they were born she has not been particularly good at keeping them clean and I have often had to do that myself but on Saturday I was concerned that something was wrong and I got really worried and upset about it.  However, she and they settled and by Saturday evening they were all perfectly clean and they still are so it seems that finally she’s figured out what she is supposed to do. I did try butter on the bum trick but it didn’t work.  She came to cleaning them up on her own.  They are fat and warm.

What I find very interesting is that the three black girls all look the same and are probably like Whitney for type.  However the three boys do not look like the girls at all and they don’t look like each other! Apart from one of the boys which is an obvious no-no as regards keeping, the other two boys look interesting but don’t look like anything I’ve ever had before so I will basically have to wait as they get older and see what happens.


My body is not doing particularly well and I am wondering if I have now gone down another rung on the ladder in the progression of my disease.  I have had to use a stick in the house for a little while now and I have never had to do that before.  I find I cannot rise off the settee or out of bed without it and I need to use it as I walk around to balance me. I have also been really exhausted.  It has just come to my mind that this plunge coincided with me also having the flu so perhaps that is the only reason and I will improve again.  It certainly may explain how tired and weak I feel and the need for the stick.

I started back at the swimming pool last week but I only went twice because I just could not manage it again.  I went this morning and it was the better of the now three swims that I’ve had.  It remains to be seen how I feel later today or more importantly tomorrow morning.

I’m certain I have said before that the pain part I can deal with and I accept it easily, drugs dial it down. (if you are like me you would expect that painkillers do precisely that-kill pain.They do not.  Even the morphine, which is good, does not get rid of pain altogether.)  The part I find the most frustrating and that can get me down is the fatigue-the inability to do what I want to do, when I want to do it! Sometimes even sitting and hand-knitting is too much effort.  However, I can still do all sorts of things and it could be a lot worse so…

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