Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Disagreeing with a belief system and saying so without condemning the holder of the beliefs and with out name calling or passing personal comment is not hate speech. It also is not atheism(!) I read plenty of hate speech here-speech that DOES condemn the person. I try hard not to be guilty of that and I have swiftly rectified it if I have made such an error. Pointing to inconsistencies in a belief system is not hate speech though I am not ignorant enough of people that I am not aware that some will lash out. I block those people. No second chances. Only one chance to abuse me. It surprises me that others just allow it by their silence although I ought not be really as that is why abuse of all kinds happen. I will, as long as I am able, speak my mind, decrying ideas that I see as harmful or moronic, pointing out why I do, and pointing out inconsistencies as I see them. I will continue to do so as I always have - without attacking the person as ideas and people are NOT the same thing.

I wrote the above words in response to a couple of really unpleasant personal attacks.  I did not address the individuals directly and I can no longer see any of their comments because I set my membership that way.

I find people who have set ideas find it very difficult to think outside of those ideas.  I am astonished by the amount people who conclude I am an atheist because I do not share their religious beliefs.  I also fail to understand why they classify disagreement over beliefs as hate speech. Certainly, much of what these people write I consider to be hate speech because they are attacking people and specifically a group of people.  There is no point yelling hate speech at them so I just point out the inconsistencies which is enough to get one a good flogging.

In this particular discussion people were praising the Arizona State government for making it illegal to picket funerals and thus preventing the Westboro Baptist Church from picketing the funerals of the people who were killed in the shooting a few days ago. some of the posters who were deeply critical of the WBC and described them as evil etc held exactly the same beliefs as them, they just behaved differently! That sort of inconsistency and self deceit ought to be pointed out by anyone who can see it. it is very possible to do so without attacking the person.  One will still be accused of it regardless but accusation is not truth.


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