Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I used to walk the dogs for 50 minutes twice a day but not for the last 4 years since I became unable to do so. I had about 5 different routes which made it more interesting for me and , I thought, for them.

They really don't seem to care. I only do one route now, on good days, which would have taken about 20mins but now takes 35. The dogs love it. It amazes me how eager they are to sniff and leave their P-Mail. Girls and boys. Although Micah leaves more P-Mail than he sniffs. He leaves at least one P-Mail on anything that is stood still.

Today there will be no walking. It is pouring down outside. It is for days like this that my dogs are all paper trained.

I have the final show of 2007 on Friday and the way it looks now, I will not be going. I am still not right. Oh, I don't feel ill exactly. My cold is more or less gone although my nap yesterday was ruined by my coughing. The antibiotics finish today, just two more to take. They were needed as my sinuses and chest cleared.
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